Currently working as an Associate Creative Director at Stink Studios focused on building digital brand experiences.

Past work experience includes: Huge Inc, Instrument, Connective DX, and Mad Fish Digital.



Nike Virtual Studios

The New York Times


Ulta Beauty



Viacom CBS / MTV

Toyota / Lexus


“There should be no such thing as art divorced from life, with beautiful things to look at and hideous things to use. If what we use every day is made with art, and not thrown together by chance or caprice, then we shall have nothing to hide.”

– Bruno Munari, Design As Art

I am a deeply collaborative person who seeks to understand humanity through the process of designing. My approach to design equally weighs functionality and aesthetic. I believe in order to create great work, it needs to evoke an emotion. Great user experience is the baseline – it’s what’s expected – but in order to create something transformative, you must first lead with empathy, curiosity, and a passion to discover the deeper meaning. This philosophy has shaped who I am as a creative.

As a digital design-minded person, I have an affinity for new technology and I love the challenge of introducing new ways of thinking into my work. I seek out discomfort and challenge process when it doesn’t serve me. I often look for inspiration outside of my field, which has led me to explore other avenues of research such as architecture, history, culture, and art. Finding ways to combine these interests with my love for technology is the driving force behind my work. Outside of work, I'm a collector of art and experiences. I am fascinated by subcultures and currently have enjoyed immersing myself in communities such as web3, generative art, and tattooing.

As my interests continue to evolve, the desire for human connection remains. I am always eager to meet interesting people, so please don’t hesitate to say hi!