Design Week Portland

I collaborated directly with 360 Labs, to create a thought-provoking VR experience for Design Week Portland. I designed a space that transported the attendees into an interactive atmosphere. As the project lead, I coordinated sound, light, spacial design, and even drived to Big Gigantic brewing to pick up cases of beer. The event reached max capacity and was a huge success.

Through the forest.

To the mountain.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned? In this session for Portland Design Week, 360 Labs and Connective DX reminds us that learning from each other has no limitations.

As the guests enter the incubator, they are faced with two white gondolas. To the right one, they enter, sit down and put on a headset. Atmospheric music plays and design sages across the industry offer their best advice and inspiration to the viewer as they travel through the forest and to the summit of Mt. Hood. After the journey is complete, the guests head over to the second, more playful, gondola where they enter a 360 photo booth. Guests take photos and are shared to social media from an app.

After the guests have experienced both gondolas, they are prompted to add their own words of wisdom to the outside of the gondolas for other attendees to read and respond to. As the DJ plays funky house music, attendees continue to meet and mingle with fellow creatives.

Event Photography

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