Google I/O 2018

I worked closely with the brand and web team to create a uniquely versatile digital experience for the 2018 Google I/O conference. The team created and produced brand assets that not only for the web, but in-situ at the conference, providing a hollistic brand experience surrounding the event.

Google I/O brings together developers from around the globe annually for talks, hands-on learning with Google experts, and a first look at Google’s latest products.

Intro —

Instrument has a long-lasting partnership with Google and has had the honor of designing unique experiences for Google I/O over the last four conferences. Because of our deep knowlege of the conference and the client, we were able to create the best brand experience to date.

For the project, Instrument was tasked with the branding and digital experiences for Google I/O 2018. We designed a marketing website that would showcase all the exciting things I/O had to offer as well as design a signed-in experience for users who registered for the conference.


Logo mark


2018 hashtag

The 2018 Google I/O brand is built around interconnected layers of patterns representing stacks of a modern development project.

Brand —


Brand pattern

Color Palette

The graphics were created on a grid and were designed to be overlapped, and stacked. When the shapes are combined, they create numerous graphics unique to the Google I/O brand. These combinations were made into quick motion graphics that carry the playfulness throughout the presentation template.

I worked with the brand team in expanding the design language for different formats and mediums for the speakers at the conference. The designs needed to reflect the brand and be flexible to the different types of content being presented.

Design elements

Google Sans


Pre-Conference landing page


Post-Conference recap

Digital experience —

The Google I/O digital experience served many different functions throughout the lifespan of the 2018 conference. Before the conference, the web experience served as a promotional website aimed to allow users to register and stay tuned with important announcement about the event. During the event itself, it served as utility. Users could livestream keynotes, log-in to access their personal schedule, stay up-to-date with the I/O feed and use the map to navigate to their next event. Post-conference, the website served as a recap and hub for users to access product announcements, featured videos, photos, and exclusive I/O content.

I assisted the web team in the design of the interactive conference map as well as the design of the post-conference hub, as you see it today. Visit the I/O 2018 website here.

I/O Website

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