Instagram Refresh

Together with the Instagram brand team, I concepted and led a small team of designers to create a bespoke microsite and its content to celebrate the launch of the new IG brand. Visit the experience.

The world's most iconic brand puts content and the community first.

Intro —

As Instagram has evolved to be the worlds largest social platform, the IG brand has become one of the most iconic brands of our time. Instagram is where culture is made and pushed forward – so, it was time the brand was a reflected that. A brand new typeface, updated gradient and color palette, and refined approach to layout celebrates the global community of creators on Instagram.

Focusing on these key elements of the brand identity, we partnered with the Instagram brand team to create a highly expressive digital experience that conveyed the essence of the brand in a fun and interactive way.


Brand Sizzle

Not a rebrand, this is a refresh.

Brand —


The Glyph

Color Palette

Instagram has evolved to have such global recognition that is merely identified by its glyph - the camera set in the iconic IG gradient. This glyph was a major inspiration for the brand's new typeface. Instagram Sans was built for globally and accessibility but features an expressive character set which males it identifiably Instagram.

The Instagram gradient sparks inspiration by guiding the user in the product experience. The main gradient can now be broken down into 3 subvariants that ignite even more energy into the system.

Finally, the grid gets a makeover. An flexible grid system allows for dynamic layouts that hero the content. Type moves freely across the format to invite experimentation. Instagram highlights product UI to inspire creators to engage in play on the app.

Design elements

Microsite —

We designed our experience around these core brand elements. The site features a landing moment, showcasing the breadth of brand expression. The site is also comprised of three "deep dives" that brand down the evolution of the brand and allows users to interact with the elements in a delightful way. On the Type page, use the Character Inspector to Instagram Sans at large scale or the type setter to type your own message. On the Gradient page, explore the sub-gradients with an illuminating tool or dive into each color application with the Color Picker. On the Layout page, select different aspect ratios to see how content flexes with the dynamic layout. here.

Along with creating a highly interactive digital experience, we also partnered with Instagram to create hundreds of beautiful pieces of content to express the brand both statically and in motion. Our approach was so collaborative and iterative that the IG brand team viewed us as trusted ambassadors of the brand. Visit the experience.


Landing Page Hero


Gradient Page


Layout Page


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