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Led a team of creatives to consolidate, design, and reimagine the home for all of The New York Times Advertising's offerings. Visit the experience.

Introduction —

New York Times Advertising elevates brands through the world’s most premium ad experiences. As New York Times Advertising has grown, so too have the number of digital platforms. NYTA approached Stink Studios with the need to consolidate the numerous sites and tools under one digital hub. Our goal was to organize and unite the many offerings of New York Times Advertising.

Our team approached initial discovery by doing an extensive audit of design across these many platforms – identifying where design patterns could be simplified or areas where their current systems were too limiting to the content.


Website Sizzle

New York Times Advertising elevates brands through the world’s most premium ad experiences.

Brand —



Color Palette

At the start of this project, NYTA had begun the process of a redesign but had not yet identified much of the new brand. We were given three colors, a typeface, and three gestural posters to help guide the visual direction of the site.

We built a bold and energetic visual system of type hierarchy, brand elements, graphic treatments, and motion design to accompany the design system. These styles and treatments would be adopted as key elements of the NYTA brand.

Motion Study

NYT Franklin


Ad Category Page


Case Study Page

Digital experience —

The site is designed to be mobile-first and completely modular. Pages are built out as templates based on hierarchy - from landing templates to category to detail, etc. All pages could be modified by adding or removing components to fit the need of the content.

We’ve created a new digital home for New York Times Advertising that is robust, intuitive and innovative, ultimately providing an experience as premium as NYTA’s offerings.


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