Records & Posters

A selection of printed works including record covers and posters, produced in 2018. These works are a fresh opportunity to extend my design practice outside of the digital medium in which most of my work takes place.


Seneca the Younger was a stoic philosopher who was thought to have looked just as the figure cast in bronze. However, centuries later, it was discovered not to be him. An original bust of Seneca was later discovered but never amounted to the historical significance as the faux. I used the faux in a modern context on a poster for a lecture regarding the challenges of facial recognition.

“Ricardo Bofill”

Ricardo Bofill is an Italian architect who invites us into his home, formerly a factory, and shares his philosophy on living and luxury within a space.

Record cover for the limited
release of the self titled drone
album “Gehenna”

Gehenna is an experimental drone metal collab. The squares visualize the seven layers of hell and the song titles are listed within them, an unconventional placement compared to the back of the record.

Album artwork for Gehenna’s
single release of “Snake”

Gehenna is an experimental drone metal collab. The album artwork depicts the Laocoön sculpture, a famous artwork of a father who wrestles with serpents to defend his sons.

Word of the Day

Created for a poster collaboration called Word of the day. The word “Swivet” meaning fluster, panic, or a state of extreme agitation is interpreted through typographic means.