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I worked with a team of visual and product designers to redesign the entire Ulta Beauty shopping experience. We reimagined a very outdated system, drastically improving the experience in-app and on the web. Visit the experience.

Introduction —

For nearly two decades, Ulta has been one of the leaders in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Despite being a household name, their online shopping experience didn't live up to their goal to provide the best possible retail experience to their customers.

Huge partnered with Ulta to completely reimagine what shopping for beauty looks like in a digital world. The key goals of the engagement were to improve the user experience and to modernize the brand expression with updated visual design.


Functional Motion

Color Palette

Brand Elements —

The new Ulta Beauty brand system features updates to layout, color, typography, and the addition of graphic elements. The system features a warm, bright and inviting palette that always feels fresh, no matter the season. Patterns are a playful way to add color and expression to the interface. New rules around photography and iconography create more unity around the Ulta Beauty brand.

Motion is defined either by being functional or expressive. Functional motion is used for product navigation and interaction as a form of feedback for the user. Expressive motion provides delightful moments where the brand can be interjected into the experience.

Brand Elements


Digital experience —

The process of redesigning the web and mobile app experience was broken down into several phases. The design phase was further broken down into epics, where we approached the designs as user-flows, such as "checkout flow." This allowed us to tackle the design of the system while putting the user first. Checkout the experience here

Along with drastically updating the design and UX of key product pages and checkout flow. We also worked with the Ulta Beauty team to build out a personalized product experience. With features such as routines, Ulta Me, and intelligent quizzes, Ulta Beauty isn't just an e-commerce platform, but an engaging and curated online shopping experience.


Category Landing


Product Landing

Interactive Experience

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