Google I/O 2019

For my second year working on Google I/O, we created a uniquely versatile brand and digital experience for the 2019 Google I/O conference. As design lead for both brand and digital, I developed a system that would span everything from social media assets to the physical builds to create an immersive identity for the conference. To view the work from 2018, visit the case study.

Introduction —

Instrument has a long-lasting partnership with Google and has had the honor of designing unique experiences for Google I/O over the last four conferences. Because of our deep knowledge of the conference and the client, we were able to create the best brand experience to date.

Google I/O brings together developers from around the globe annually for talks, hands-on learning with Google experts, and a first look at Google’s latest products and efforts.

Each year, the conference centers around a focus that is topical or represents a monumental shift in technology and how we interact with it in our everyday lives. This year, they focused around the topics of digital wellbeing and augmented reality technology. Our approach was to focus in on modern computing and development. What has changed and what remains to be true? Across a wide spectrum of visual and interactive applications, the 2019 brand system is, at heart, an ode to a rather common algorithm.


Logo mark


2019 hashtag

"Merge" is a foundational concept in development. It speaks to the deliberate collaboration and community it creates as well as the practical algorithm that serves as a staple of modern computing.

Brand —


Brand pattern

Color Palette

Inspired by animations of the merge sort algorithm ordering blocks of varying lengths, we used frozen moments of these procedures to create a visual language for the festival. Rooted in code, it’s a playful system celebrating the goal of a festival that brings together, or merge, developers from all over the world.

The design system was created to be extensible, however to still embrace Google's mantra of design "build from white." A mix of filled and outline shapes using the core Google color palette lends itself to a fresh and playful system. Each unique shape can then be broken down to simple foundational shapes, such as the square, circle, and triangle.

Design elements

Google Sans

Event gallery

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Website Sizzle

Digital experience —

The Google I/O digital experience served many different functions through out the lifespan of the 2019 conference. The website launches in 4 phases. It is first launched to announce the conference and second as the pre-conference experience which serves to market the event and drive users to register. Once the conference is live, the website is transformed into a live hub, where users across the world can watch and save talks and events as they are happening throughout the 3 days. And finally, the recap website that allows users to view pictures and talks that they missed.

I designed each of these four phases in congruence to each other. Visit the I/O 2019 website.

Interactive Experience

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